The cause of this studies is to recognise what is the level of attractiveness in set up marriage among Malaysians network as an implemented quantitative research approach via answering a survey. Arranged marriage is an act wherein a bride and groom are decided on by means of individuals apart from themselves, usually dad and mom. Also, organized marriage in Malaysia is a conventional way of marriage within the Muslim speed dating 公司 society in Malaysia that also lives although it is not considered as the norm on this new generation. According to Gaille (2017), statistic shown that 55% of the marriages that arise inside the international today are organized marriages. The issue of organized marriages is on occasion very complex. Researchers found in their have a look at that human beings nowadays more often than not do no longer trust arranged marriage (M= 2.45). Sixty two.Eight% of respondents does now not trust organized marriage at the same time as 37.2% of respondents agree if their mother and father had been to set up their marriage.